April Beer - Wedding Officiant
April Beer - Wedding Officiant


I want to thank all my wonderful Brides and Grooms for having me as their Wedding Celebrant. It was a tremendous joy and honor for me to have been a part of your special day.

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Click to Enlarge"Where to start when trying to express the absolutely wonderful job that April did for our wedding. From our very first conversation, her professionalism and kindness were tremendous. We thought we would be hiring someone to perform the motions of a wedding ceremony. What we got instead was April's never-ending attention to detail and her sincere desire to craft a beautiful ceremony catered exactly to our unique situation. I am American and my wife is Japanese. April gave us great ideas on how to incorporate both our cultures as well as showing concern on not including anything that might offend. On the day of the wedding April performed a touching and beautiful ceremony. All of our relatives and friends were extremely impressed on how wonderful April was and how personal and beautiful the ceremony was. If you are looking for a unique ceremony that reflects you and your fiancé's life story of how you came together, then we would strongly suggest you choose April."
— Mark and Fumiko

Click to Enlarge"April, thank you for performing the most beautiful ceremony. I couldn't have imagined that it would be so perfect. You provided a very peaceful, spiritual, light hearted, personal and sincerely loving atmosphere. Your voice in itself is so soothing and comforting. Many of our family and friends expressed how they felt captivated by your voice and they praised your contribution to our very special day. You have given us a gift that will treasure always. Kudos to you for being able to combine your obvious love of life, spirituality, and overall peaceful manner into such a significant role is wonderful. You hold a special place in some of the most important days of people's lives. Thank you again for setting the tone to what turned out to be our favorite day...so far :)"
— Annie & Jim

Click to Enlarge"Working with April was the best decision we made for our wedding. She really took the time to get to know us and by the time our big day arrived, it felt like April was an old friend telling our story. She concentrated on highlighting our personalities and incorporating both of our cultures into the ceremony. Our guests laughed and cried throughout, and couldn't stop raving about how much they enjoyed themselves."
— Julisa & Zach

Click to Enlarge"You absolutely took our breath away!!! As soon as we met you we knew our search was over. You exceeded our expectations in every way. We had numerous guests comment on such a beautiful and personal ceremony. We could not imagine it any other way. Thank you for making suggestions to us throughout the planning process. We would never have though of writing our own secrets vows without you suggesting that idea. You were very easy to work with and a lot of fun as well. As Brian and I move together through life's journey we will take you with us, like when we become three. April, how can we thank you for putting together such a wonderful ceremony. It was absolutely amazing....we will always remember how special it was for us, and it was because of you."
— Alison & Brian

Click to Enlarge"Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony. It was absolutely perfect!! Our guests loved to hear our incredible story and began complimenting us on the ceremony for its warmth, heartfelt emotion, and love as soon as we entered the cocktail hour. People are still talking about it as the best wedding they have been to! You are a kind, warm person with a wonderful energy and we are grateful you could be part of our special day. Thank you so much!"
— Lisa and Lee

Click to Enlarge"We cannot say enough about how beautiful the ceremony was!! Our two very different family traditions were honored so well, and our family and friends were all acknowledged in just the perfect way. Our guests have not stopped telling us that they've never been to a wedding like this before. They said it was so great to hear our story and they understood why we were so perfectly matched after such a beautiful ceremony. Thank you so much, April!"
— Shannon & Brian

Click to Enlarge"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful ceremony that you performed yesterday. It was so warm and loving - everyone asked me about you all day long - they really loved it. I am so happy that you were able to be such a huge part of our special day. You made the ceremony so personalized and so us, there was not a dry eye in the place. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the best. We're all so lucky to have you in our lives."
— Kristen & Dan

Click to Enlarge"First and foremost I must say a Great Big THANK YOU for delivering such an outstanding and personalized wedding ceremony. To this day we are still getting great comments from our friends and families about the uniqueness of our ceremony. Some of the comments were: The ceremony was so "Real", so "Personable", so "Different", "It was the best wedding ceremony we every attended". Thanks to you in helping us to achieve this, it's what we envisioned and you orchestrated and delivered flawlessly. We could not have done it without you. (Even Ronaldo's macho friends were moved to tears) It was very touching indeed! It was a real pleasure working with you!"
— Cheryl & Ronaldo

Click to Enlarge"April, from my first conversation with you, I knew you were the perfect person to marry us. My parents preferred a Rabbi and a Priest, but then I took them to meet you. Everything changed. We decided to hire you, and our wedding day was wonderful and everything we ever dreamed of. We were 100% delighted with the unique, personal, and heartwarming wedding ceremony you created and performed for us. Your professionalism provided us with a sense of security and your warmth embraced us and our guests. We received many compliments from our guests about how great the ceremony was. Our most Special Day was made even more special by having the perfect ceremony and having you to guide us through it!"
—Karen & Bill

Click to Enlarge"April, Everyone and I mean, everyone, complemented us on our ceremony. Family and friends alike were awed with how unique the ceremony was. The guests, including myself, didn't know whether to cry or laugh. I did both. Our ceremony could not have been more on point as to what we wanted. It was intimate, personalized, fun, and lighthearted. All of which could not have been achieved if it was not for April's professionalism, guidance, and support. Thanks April for capturing our vision and conveying it to our family and friends."
— Terri & Faustino

Click to Enlarge"Our ceremony was unlike any ceremony our family has ever had! I even saw a few tissues dabbing eyes because of the sweet things that were done to represent who Steve and I are as a couple. Thank you for having no limits on what we wanted to say to our guests! Our favorite parts included the sand ceremony to unite our 2 families, acknowledging our match makers by having them stand for applause, separate secret vows to each other, and the way you stood to the side so the focus was on us. You were warm, enthusiastic and loving even though you only met us recently. You helped bring so much joy into our day. Thank you for who you are and the work that you do!"
— Nina & Steve

Click to Enlarge"What an amazing ceremony!!! Everyone is still talking about it! One of our guests said she has only seen her husband cry 3 times in his life and this was one of them!! From what we heard there was not a dry eye in the house including all the men! We couldn't have asked for anything more and thank you for working so closely with us to create the most personal and beautiful ceremony. All of our guests were saying they had never seen anything like it and were truly touched by the uniqueness of the ceremony. Thank you for everything."
— Sherrie & Jack

Click to Enlarge"April took our complex family and religious backgrounds and helped us mold a ceremony that our guests called 'perfect'. She was in frequent contact with us throughout the process and was happy to incorporate all of our suggestions and wishes. We recommend to her for any couple looking to have a meaningful and spiritual ceremony without religious restraints. Thanks for everything April. It really was perfect."
— Sky & Bill

Click to Enlarge"Dear April, Working with you was a real pleasure; the smartest thing Jim and I ever did was hire you as our celebrant. The ease in which you spoke about us gave people the impression that you knew us for years. I have never been to a wedding where the ceremony was so personal and so expressed who the couple was and how they felt about each other. As you know Jim and I come from very different backgrounds and both sides of our families were coming up to us all night telling us that it was the best ceremony they had ever been to. Thank you so much for giving us the most perfect ceremony in the world."
— Christine & Jim

Click to Enlarge"We gave April a tall order. We wanted a ceremony that was warm and spiritual, but authentic and stripped of artifice. We had very particular ideas about how some things should feel but no idea at all about how the ceremony as a whole would look. April delivered. She was a complete professional in preparing our ceremony, a true friend in preparing us. On our wedding day she was eager but composed. She expertly navigated the different personalities and needs of our families and made us feel completely at ease. Our ceremony was entirely true to us, and for that we cannot thank April enough."
— Allison & Ray

Click to Enlarge"Working with April was truly a pleasure from start to finish, from the first conversations about how we envisioned our ceremony to the end result, which was even better than we could have imagined. We were able to share our own story with our friends and family through her and the unique ceremony she created for us. Our guests had countless nice things to say about our ceremony, and one of the best compliments we received was that it was 'so us.' We are absolutely thrilled with how our ceremony turned out, and we thank April for helping to make our day a memorable one for everyone involved."
— Courtney & Mathew

Click to Enlarge"We couldn't be happier with how the ceremony turned out. Everyone was raving about it afterwards. Not a lot of our families and friends had been to non-religious ceremonies ever, and even the very traditional/religious types thought it was so great to have such a personalized ceremony. Thank you so much for working with us so thoroughly and taking the time to get to know us. I think that really helped make the ceremony what it was. PLEASE feel free to use us as a permanent reference!!"
— Tara & Adam

Click to Enlarge"Andy and I wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony the most memorable experience of our lives. Our friends can not stop talking about our Celebrant and what a wonderful job you did! Your warm and personal expressions were felt by us all. We are going over the pictures your husband took and it feels as if we are reliving the moment all over again. We're still getting congratulation cards from our guests who are still talking about our ceremony everyone send it was the most refreshing, romantic, personal ceremony they've ever attended. One person said "there was not a dry eye at the ceremony and it was a storybook wedding!!!" We really wanted to share our love of one another with our guests and you met our wish and beyond. We can't thank you enough for making our wedding one of the memorable and special day of our lives. THANK YOU!!!!"
— Sue & Andy

Click to Enlarge"April, We thank you SO much for the beautiful ceremony - we have both had SO many people tell us how wonderful the ceremony was - the funny parts, the fact they could see us, the way that you spoke and were so pertinent and warm, the stories, etc... . the list goes on and on.. and, of course, people cried who never cry at weddings and others laughed who didn't expect to laugh at weddings! Many, many thanks to you!"
— Amy & Roman

Click to Enlarge"Our ceremony was everything and more that we envisioned. It was moving and heart felt! You really custom wrote it just for us! You were an absolute pleasure to work with. We could never thank you enough for making our ceremony unforgettable! So many guests were going on and on about the ceremony! Thanks Again!"
— Courtney & Eugene

Click to Enlarge"Thank you for all your work writing us a fabulous ceremony that we both loved. It was a beautiful and "perfect for us" ceremony. I appreciate your warmth and knowledge when it came to leading us through this process. Our families were touched and happy to be included in the ceremony."
— Felicity & Kader

Click to Enlarge"Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance with our wedding. We cannot tell you how many compliments we received on the ceremony; people kept asking us how long we had known you because everything was so personal! It struck the exact balance we were looking for, and everyone appreciated the chance to laugh and smile rather than just be serious. We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding ceremony!"
— Megan & Adam

Click to Enlarge"We can't begin to tell you just how PERFECT our ceremony was! We started getting compliments at the very moment we stepped into the cocktail hour! Everyone was so taken with how spiritual, warm, personal and unique our wedding ceremony was! Your professionalism, warmth, kindness and honesty you displayed throughout the entire process, and our wedding day itself, shows you are a true professional and clearly a warm person...your aura and positive attitude literally seeps through you and it came shining through as you officiated our ceremony! The time and effort you put into making it so perfect are very much appreciated! THANK YOU AGAIN!!"
— Amanda & Mike

Click to Enlarge"Our friends and family were blown away by the ceremony. Blown away by what you facilitated for us, by your presence, by how you time lined our relationship. Everyone noted that they have never been to a ceremony like this and that they were captivated. We've not been to weddings where people have had the opportunity to laugh and cry, all in the breath of happiness. We feel blessed in the destiny that brought us to you. Michelle and I had several sites for officiates, looked at them separately and both chose you - how about that for good energy. The catch is that we were both sold from your smile. You melded sacred, traditional and us, into a cohesive ceremony was wonderfully genuine. You have certainly found the right path for your life's work and we're especially grateful to have wandered onto it. You honored our love in your commitment, presentation and warmth, and have all our love for uniting us."
— Michelle & Darrell

Click to Enlarge"We we're SO happy you we're able to perform our ceremony April... It was perfect & we wouldn't have changed a thing. You did such a wonderful job of sharing "our story" with our friends & families. It truly was a dream wedding."
— Lauren & Keith

Click to Enlarge"Prior to the wedding we chose to work with April because we felt that her energy and spirituality would add warmth and sincerity to our ceremony. What we didn't realize at that time was how vital her professionalism and attention to detail would become when planning the ceremony. With her help we tailored a very spiritual and personal ceremony that we will remember forever."
— Rhianna & Naeem

Click to Enlarge"Our wedding ceremony was more than we could have ever wished for. Your guidance in planning for the day really helped it come together beautifully. It was incredibly memorable for us and all of our guests. So many loved ones commented on what a lovely service we had and how they could see our love for each other in our eyes and through the words spoken. You not only helped everyone recognize our love for each other, but the importance of love and how to keep it alive. You helped to make our day so special. We will treasure it forever. Thank you April!"
— Nicole & Keith

Click to Enlarge"Thank you so very much. Everyone was raving about how wonderful the ceremony was. It was original, fun and definitely touching. It was exactly how I envisioned it. Your suggestions for the unity candle and having my mother -in-law and brother -in- law speak projected everything our families are about...unity. It was extremely important that both families worked on this because it isn't just about Jaime and I getting married...its about two families becoming one for a lifetime and this wedding (ceremony) was a perfect start. Thank you for everything!"
— Angelique & Jaime

Click to Enlarge"Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony! It was so nice to work with you and we received so many compliments on our personalized ceremony. Our wedding was exactly what we hoped it would be from beginning to end starting with the beautiful ceremony you wrote for us!"
— Melissa & Eric

Click to Enlarge"I can't begin to say how happy Juan and I were with the ceremony. You did an excellent job, and you got rave reviews from family and friends!! The wedding definitely exceeded our expectations!! Thank You so very much!"
— Ingrid & Juan

Click to Enlarge"There is no way I can ever thank you enough for making our day so amazing! Everyone told me all day long how beautiful the ceremony was and how they all cried! Thank you again for everything-people are STILL telling us how beautiful the ceremony was! We are huge fans of yours, and will continue to recommend you for years to come!!"
— Abbie & Tom

Click to Enlarge"How can we ever thank you enough?? The ceremony was absolutely beautiful!!!! When Jason and I were greeting our guests, all they could say was how personal, touching and unique our ceremony was. It was unlike anything they'd ever seen. Some even said it was the best ceremony they had ever been to! We wanted a unique, romantic and light-hearted ceremony, and that is exactly what we got! Thank you April!"
— Michele & Jason

Click to Enlarge"The wedding ceremony for Patrick & Natalie was exceptional. The presentation you prepared and delivered was powerful, effective and extremely appropriate. It was further amplified by Patrick & Natalie's love for each other. Resulting in a very emotional ceremony that sent tears out of all of our eyes. Tears of happiness, tranquility and celebration; even a man of my age with full emotional control was also a participant. It is a parent's dream to see the children happy and in Love. Our dream came true yesterday and we want to thank you for delivering that message to us. Thank you for the outstanding ceremony you delivered for the ceremony."
— Peter Chin - Father of the Groom - Natalie & Patrick

Click to Enlarge"Thank YOU for everything! I'm sure this comes as no surprise in your work, but we've had nothing but compliments on our ceremony! It was such a pleasure working with you and you were a great guide in this process. I particularly loved how we worked together to incorporate our siblings words into the ceremony. As you've heard, we are very family-oriented, and the fact that we gained their perspectives was reflective of me and Michael. It was a very enjoyable ceremony for absolutely everyone."
— Chacha & Michael

Click to Enlarge"April has not only been a friend to us but she has been someone to help calm our souls. Our wedding ceremony felt more like an original piece of art......it was only ours! April will always be part of our memories and more importantly she will be there in the future when our Family expands!"
— Jacqueline & Donny

Click to Enlarge"April's 100% satisfaction guarantee is no joke! We were able to share our true thoughts with April and listen to her past wedding experiences to arrive at our ideal ceremony. We had some challenges with the weather and our outdoor ceremony, but April never complained and always remained cooperative, especially during the stressful times! She truly made a difference in our ceremony and we are very thankful for that!"
— Jennifer & Mark

Click to Enlarge"We can't speak highly enough of April... everything was exactly the way we wanted thanks to her organization and careful planning of everything. We always had final say of how the ceremony went but always found all of her suggestions perfect. April puts "soul" into her work and it shows! She made our wedding the best day of our lives."
— Adriana & Mauro

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